Equipment Details

Name of the EquipmentMulti target sputter – AJA International
Categorygold contaminated
OperatorHemant Kshirsagar
Anjum Ahmed
System OwnerHemant Kshirsagar

Anjum Ahmed

Short Name
Make/ Model
Critical ToolYes
Serial Number
Equipment TypeDeposition, Growth and Annealing systems
LocationNMPF Lab
AMC Required
Local Dealer

Actual DealerAJA
SOP SOP/330_SOP.pdf
Training & other policy documents
Recipies RECEPIES/
Tool Facilities Requirements
Lab Phone No6287
Substrate allowedSi, Ge, GaN,GaAs,LSMO,PCMO,YIG,SRO, (No Glass)
Substrate DimensionMax 4 inch. Sample height not more than 3 mm
Chemical allowed,
Precursors/ Targets allowed
*Based on stock availability
Precursor/ Target loaded inside toolSiO2, Au, Pt, Cr, Ti
Target dimension2 inch diameter
Gases allowedO2, Ar, PN2
Contamination remarksNa, K containing samples not allowed