Equipment Details

Name of the EquipmentMFP-3D-AFM
Categoryin line ac
OperatorPoonam Katkar
System OwnerTarni Aggarwal

Navneet Bhardwaj

Short Name
Make/ ModelMFP 3D AFM
Critical ToolNo
Serial Number23405
Equipment TypeMaterial and structural characterization tools
LocationMCL Lab
AMC Required
Local DealerToshiwal bros Pvt ltd.

SOLARIS II, 502 & 504, 5th Floor Saki Vihar Road, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400 072, India Telephone - + 91 22 28576813 E-mail -
Actual DealerOxford instruments and Asylum Research

Asylum Research, NanoAnalysis 25.3 mi. High Wycombe, UK HP 12 3SE T: +44(0) 149444225
SOP SOP/323_SOP.pdf
Training & other policy documentsPOLICY/323_POLICY.pdf
Tool Facilities RequirementsNitrogen cylinder with gun
Lab Phone No4419
Substrate allowedAll thin film substrates are allowed
Substrate Dimension1x1 cm
Chemical allowed,
Precursors/ Targets allowed
*Based on stock availability
Precursor/ Target loaded inside tool
Target dimension
Gases allowed
Contamination remarks