List of Resists

1PMMA 950K A4 Hitesh KambleNano YR
2PMMA 950K A8 Hitesh KambleNano YR
3PMMA 950K A11 Hitesh KambleNano YR
4PMMA 950K A6 Hitesh KambleNano YR
5PMMA 950K A2 Hitesh KambleNano YR
6AZ 5214E Hitesh KambleMicro1 lab
7Copolymer EL9 Hitesh KambleNano YR
8Copolymer EL6 Hitesh KambleNano YR
9SU-8 2025 Hitesh KambleMicro1 lab,Nano
10SU-8 2005 Hitesh KambleMicro 1 lab
11SU-8 2002 Hitesh KambleMicro 1 lab
12SU-8 2010 Hitesh KambleMicro 1 lab
13SPR 700-1.2 Hitesh Kamble
14SPR 700- 1.0 Hitesh KambleMicro 1 lab
15SU-8 2100 Hitesh KambleMicro 1 lab
16SU-8 2000.5 Hitesh Kamble
17SU-8 2050 Hitesh KambleMicro 1 lab
18SU-8 3005 Hitesh Kamble
19S1813 Hitesh KambleMicro1 lab
20S1805 Hitesh KambleMicro1 lab
21PMMA 495K A8 Hitesh KambleNano YR
22HSQ(Hydrogen silesquioxane elctron beam spin on resist) Hitesh KambleMicro1 Lab
The above chemicals are allowed at IITBNF. However, for knowing the actual stock, please contact