Title: IITB-NCTU Workshop
Date & Venue:
16-05-2016 to 17-05-2016, Seminar room 4, VMCC, IIT Bombay
About the workshop: The workshop on 'general area of electronic devices' is jointly organised by IITB and the National Chiao Tung, University of Taiwan. This is being enabled by the office of the Dean (IR) - the aim being to explore collaboration opportunities including, possibly, a joint degree program in the future. There are a series of talks outlining capabilities from both sides (IITB and NCTU).
Title: MEMS Workshop-SAMCO Japan & IIT Bombay
Date & Venue:
02-02-2016, Lecture Hall, VMCC, IIT Bombay
About the workshop: This 1st workshop in India will be organized by SAMCO & Simco to celebrate the inauguration of the MEMS/ NEMS proto type facility center in IIT Bombay. This workshop aims at providing a broad overview on MEMS & NEMS plasma applications which are fundamental techniques for nanofabrication in R&D. For more details, click here