• For Scheduling Visits
    E-mail - labvisit.iitbnf@gmail.com
    Call - 022-2576-4435
  • For Information and Queries
    E-mail - query.iitbnf@gmail.com
    Call - 022-2576-4435
  • For INUP
    Dr.K. Nageswari, Senior Project Manager, IITBNF
    E-mail -  knages@ee.iitb.ac.in
    Call - 022-2576-4435
  • HR for Job Applications
    Dr.Vijayasree Sunoj, HR, IITBNF
    E-mail - cen.hr.iitb@gmail.com
    Call - 022-2576-4472

IITBNF, Department of Electrical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai - 400 076

E-mail - query.iitbnf@gmail.com
Call - +91 22 2576-4435
Fax - 022-2572-3707

IIT Bombay is located at Powai, which is an Eastern Suburb in the north-eastern part of Mumbai. It is easily accessible by public transport, suburban railway transport and cabs from all major train stations and airports in Mumbai. Transport fares and suggestions to reach our campus are detailed on this page .

Once you reach IIT-Bombay campus, the route to our facility is highlighted in the map below. There is limited parking area available close to our facility.